Psychometric Exploration of the Scale Of Academic Stress (Pas) on the Sample Of High-school Students

Anela Hasanagić, Andrea Andrić


Academic stress is stress related to the school environment. The issue of academic stress is an issue that increasingly brings together researchers, intending to prevent the mental health of students. The study aims to validate the academic stress scale by Bedewy D. and Gabriel A. (2015) on a sample of high school students. The study involved 200 high school students of various vocations (102 female and 82 male), all between 15 and 18 years of age. As an instrument, the PAS scale was used, which included prior translation and back translation to BHS languages. PAS scale consists out of 18 items.
Item analysis showed that 12 items have satisfactory discriminant validity and reliability indexes. Items
1,2,3,4,5 and 8 were marked as suspected, and after the procedure of factorial analysis, it is confirmed that they should be excluded because they did not fit the model. Cronbach-alpha's reliability of the scale includes 12 items is 0,799, while for the subscales is something lower: from 0,555 to 0,783. The initial exploratory factorial analysis did not provide the interpretable solution, but the solution provided by a fixed number of factors and Varimax rotation was interpretable. With this solution, it is explained 54% of the variance and, that is a content related to factors provided by authors of the scale: Stress related to exams and school obligations, Stress related to academic self-perception of students, and Stress-related to academic expectations. Conclusively, we can say that this scale has satisfactory psychometric characteristics, with 12 items that satisfy all psychometric criteria.


academic stress; discriminability; reliability; validity

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