Roles and Joint Activities of Pedagogues And Psychologists in Schools

Margareta Skopljak, Tatjana Mihajlović, Jelena Kovačević


The goal of this research was to investigate a deeper meaning of school pedagogues and psychologists about the specifics of their roles and joint activities. In that sense, we have conducted qualitative research by using the focus group method. The final version of the code tree created 5 areas, 15 categories,
with accompanying dimensions. The obtained results showed there is overlapping between pedagogue and psychologist roles in schools. In several activities they jointly plan and realize, the most dominating are: counseling work with students, parents, and teachers, enrollment to first grade,
the professional orientation of students, and advanced in-service training of teachers. Based on the answers from pedagogues and psychologists, we have realized that their joint activities produce better results to the benefit of all the players in the educational process, while the role of the school director, lack of time, and a large number of students impede their joint activities.


the role of pedagogues and psychologists in school; joint activities of pedagogues and psychologists; advantages and limitations of joint activities

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