Krokodil Lacoste by Zlatko Topčić as Silvertown: An Analysis of the Play in Translation

Selma Đuliman, Amira Sadiković


This paper contains an analysis of the selected scenes from the play Krokodil Lacoste / Silvertown by Zlatko Topčić. The play won the “Alija Isaković” award in 2010, while the Cultural Association of Bosniaks Preporod published its dual Bosnian and English edition in 2016. The segments are analyzed parallelly in Bosnian and English for the purpose of observing the level of functional equivalence in the target text. The analysis entails extralinguistic and linguistic categories in accordance with the model developed by Hatim and Mason (1990) and later expanded by Zhang et al. (2015). The extralinguistic category includes, among others, the culture-translation relationship, and the linguistic category entails three dimensions: communicative, pragmatic, and semiotic. The analysis in this case includes the communicative and semiotic components.


play, Zlatko Topčić; Krokodil Lacoste; Silvertown; translation analysis; Bosnian language; English language

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