Croatian School Curriculum Programs That Train Teachers to Manage ADHD in the Classroom

Davor Vukelić, Anita Zovko, Nataša Vlah


Training teachers to work with students with ADHD is a particular challenge for the creators of the study program. Adequate training of teachers to work with students with ADHD results in a high level of inclusion of children with ADHD in the educational system. This paper aims to analyze performance plans and programs that explain the teacher, and which have satisfied themselves and the extent to which such studies contain a quantitative need for ADHD content. The method for realizing this goal is a phenomenological-descriptive review of existing courses at all universities in Croatia, which include initial training on ADHD, with a qualitative examination of course holders on the quality of study content dedicated to ADHD.
Researchers sent the inquiries by e-mail to 98-course holders or department heads, and 71 of them responded (72.4%). The data were analyzed by comparing the number of hours in which
ADHD is discussed with the number of hours provided for the entire study (undergraduate,
graduate, or integrated undergraduate and graduate). Class teachers achieved a satisfactory level of knowledge about working with students with ADHD, but subject teachers did not meet enough topics about ADHD on faculty which implies the need for more systematic lifelong education.


Elementary school teacher; ADHD; inclusion; study plan and program

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