Perception of Euro-Atlantic Integration In Bosnian Online Media

Enes Osmančević, Mirza Mehmedović


The application of modern technologies, with the multimedia distribution of media content through the online platform, in the context of the Bosnia and Herzegovina path of accession to the European Union and NATO, inevitably explores the role of modern media in the political education of citizens as active participants in politics. Bearing in mind the increasing number of Internet users in Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as the audience’s primary orientation towards online media distribution platforms,
this paper deals with the perception of Euro-Atlantic integrations in online media in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is an analysis of the sources and forms used for informing citizens on the political processes that represent the future political path of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The focus of this paper is
primarily the total number of published content about Euro-Atlantic integrations in online media, intending to discuss the period of the internal crisis of the political system at the time of the survey (April/May 2019), and that in the same period there was not formed government after the last general elections, which significantly redefines or aggravates the position of Bosnia and Herzegovina to implement the reforms necessary for joining the European Union and NATO. Conclusion of the research,
bearing in mind the results and international treatment of Bosnia and Herzegovina as a country in transition is a limited communication framework of online media, which on the one hand, sees a citizen
as a user of information, but does not intervene in the process of political education or orientation of citizens in the field of political action or creating active public opinion.


perception; online; media; public; citizen; European Union; NATO; reform; communication

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