Legal Subjectivity of International Organizations with Special Reference To the European Union

Nežla Borić, Ajna Jodanović


The debate on the significant issue of international legal subjectivity of international organizations has expanded with the emergence of an increasing number of international organizations. Although the subjectivity of international organizations was accepted based on the Advisory Opinion of the International Court of Justice Concerning Reparation for Injuries Suffered in the Service of the United
Nations from 1949., at the academic level, there are still debates about whether the Opinion applies only to the United Nations or applies to all other international organizations. Starting from the explicit recognition of the legal subjectivity of the European Union based on the Treaty of Lisbon, we will review the legal nature and role of the Union at the international level.


international organization; legal personality; international legal personality; European Union; subjects of international law; a supranational international organization

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