Phraseography in Bosnian Studies of The 21st Century

Azra Hodžić-Čavkić


It has been twenty years since the very first theoretical book in the phraseology of the Bosnian language.
Many papers have been written since then – and they show high interest in the treasure of the Bosnian language and the linguistic discipline of phraseology itself. Most of the papers have contrastive analysis
At the core of the research, therefore they contribute to contrastive phraseology of the Bosnian language.
There is a significant number of papers that apply modern methods of cognitive linguistic approach. However, this paper analyzes the phraseology practices of dictionaries created in the period after Frazeologija bosanskoga jezika by Ilijas Tanović was published in 2000. We would like the discover the very own mosaic of twenty years old phraseology development in the Bosnian language. This paper tries to preserve the memory of the most important book in Bosnian phraseology, which begins serious scientific phraseology work in recent Bosnian history. Namely, Frazeologija bosanskoga jezika (2000) itself contains a very important list of idioms. This paper analyzes dictionaries that have been announced as “phraseological”. It also analyzes dictionaries categorized as “Bosnian” according to Gramatika bosanskoga jezika (2000). Also, this paper will examine studies that also contain dictionaries of idioms and books with dictionaries that are very much involved in general topics of phraseology.


Bosnian phraseology; Bosnian phraseography; idioms; theoretical and terminological variety

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