The Age of the Human Picture: On the Scientific Opus of Almir Bašović

Lamija Milišić


This text aims to give an overview of the scientific work of Almir Bašović, literary theorist, playwright and professor at the Department of Comparative Literature and Librarianship of the UNSA Faculty of Philosophy and at the Academy of Performing Arts in Sarajevo. The work is methodologically based on the thesis about Bašović’s “search for the human picture”, which is recognized as a continuum in both the literary theory and the dramatic opus of this author. Consequently, the paper offers an overview of articles, essays, reviews, and books by Almir Bašović - arranged not chronologically, but according to the appropriate set thesis, which is proven through this text to give a new look at the author’s scientific and literary works.


Almir Basovic; theater; drama; border; frame; mask

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