Editorial Policies

Focus and Scope

Društvene i humanističke studije – DHS (Social Sciences and Humanities Studies) is an open access double blind peer-reviewed interdisciplinary scientific journal published by the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Tuzla (Bosnia and Herzegovina). We publish refereed original scientific research and review articles on both the fields of social sciences and the humanities. The Journal welcomes contributions within the domains of philosophy, sociology, political science, psychology, linguistic, science of literature, media and communication studies, cultural studies, journalism studies, history, pedagogy and didactics, social work studies, and other academic disciplines, approaches and branches of social studies and humanities. It is an interdisciplinary oriented journal that aims at bringing together academics, researchers and practitioners concerned with addressing, analyzing and producing relevant knowledge, public good and emancipatory social transformation. We encourage the submission of manuscripts that advance theoretical, methodological, and/or empirical knowledge of a wide range ofissues relevant to the fields of social sciences and the humanities. Our mission is to provide an inclusive international forum for discussion, reflection and critique on the publicly notable issues and emerging questions, trends, researches, methods and concepts in the fields of social sciences and the humanities.


Section Policies


Checked Open Submissions Checked Indexed Checked Peer Reviewed

Book Review

Checked Open Submissions Unchecked Indexed Unchecked Peer Reviewed

Peer Review Process

Each submitted manuscript for publication will be subject to a double-blindpeer review process,in which the reviewer's name is withheld from the author and the author's name from the reviewer.

Initial prescreening is done by Editor-in-Chiefor Editorial Board in order to determine whether or not the article meet expected scientific standards and fits the scope of the journal (time period: 1-2 weeks). Article may be rejected without review if the Editor-in-Chiefor Editorial Board considers the paper obviously not suitable for publication.

If the manuscript meets the journal’s standards for publication, the Editor-in-Chief or the assigned Section Editor will send the received articles, excluding information regarding the name and affiliation of the authors, to two independent, anonymous expert referees, by using the web-based management system. Usually, the submitted manuscript will be reviewed by at least one international referee. Authors and reviewers will have different affiliation. Peer review process will be performed using the defined electronic evaluation form which contains checklist in order to help referees to cover all relevant aspects that can decide the publication (time period: 4-8 weeks). If one reviewer accepts the manuscript and another rejects it,a third reviewer will be sought. If the paper is conditionally accepted, the author(s) must reply the reviewer suggestions and make improvements to the article within three weeks.

The final decision for publication is done by the Editor-in-chief based on the scrutiny of reviewers and the scope of the journal.

The Editor-in-Chief is responsible for the quality and selection of manuscripts chosen to be published, and the authors are always responsible for the content of each article.


Publication Frequency

The journal is published in both online and printed versions two times per year. Additionally, we will publish one or two special thematic issues per year, featuring selected research papers from conferences hosted by the Faculty.


Open Access Policy

Društvene i humanističke studije – DHS (Social Sciences and Humanities Studies) is an open access scientific journal. In accordance with the Berlin Declaration and the BOAI definition of open access, all articles in Social Sciences and Humanities Studies are freely available to read, download and share immediately upon publication. This journal provides immediate open access to its content on the principle that making research freely available to the public supports a greater global exchange of knowledge.



This journal utilizes the LOCKSS system to create a distributed archiving system among participating libraries and permits those libraries to create permanent archives of the journal for purposes of preservation and restoration. More...


Publication Fee

There are no fees payable to submit or publish in this journal.

Free Electronic Version (PDF): The authors may download the papers from the journal website, or will be provided with the PDF version of the article via e-mail.

Printed copy: author can obtain one free printed copy of her/his paper.Unfortunately, publisher is not able to cover shipping charges.



Adijata Ibrišimović Šabić, Sarajevo

Adisa Imamović, Tuzla

Adnan Džafić, Sarajevo

Adnan Jahić, Tuzla

Adnan Kadrić, Sarajevo

Adnan Silajdžić, Sarajevo

Adnan Velagić, Mostar

Agima Ljaljević , Podgorica

Aid Smajić, Sarajevo

Ajla Demiragić, Sarajevo

Aleksandar Jakir, Split

Aleksandar Jugović, Beograd

Aleksandar Miladinović, Banja Luka

Aleksandar Milić, Banja Luka

Aleksandar Racz, Zagreb

Aleksandra Krstić, Beograd

Aleksandra Popin, Novi Pazar

Aleksandra Trbojević, Novi Sad

Alica Arnaut, Zenica

Alma Avdić, Tuzla

Alma Mihaljević-Peleš, Zagreb

Almasa Mulalić, Sarajevo

Almir Bašović, Sarajevo

Amela Šehović, Sarajevo

Amer Džihana, Mostar

Amila Šljivo Grbo, Sarajevo

Amir Muzur, Rijeka

Amira Sadiković, Sarajevo

Ana Čekerevac , Beograd

Ana Kurtović, Osijek

Ana Maskalan, Zagreb

Ana Opačić, Zagreb

Ana Širanović, Zagreb

Ana Žnidarec Čučković, Zagreb

Andrea Matošević, Pula

Andrea Ratković, Beograd

Andreja Brajša Žganec, Zagreb

Andreja Sršen, Zagreb

Anđela Frančić, Zagreb

Anđelija Ivkov Džigurski, Novi Sad

Anela Nikčević Milković, Zadar

Anera Ryznar, Zagreb

Aneta Stojić, Rijeka

Anisa Avdagić, Tuzla

Anita Dremel, Zagreb

Anita Zovko, Rijeka

Anka Jurčević Lozančić, Zagreb

Ankica Marinović, Zagreb

Ante Kolak, Zagreb

Antonia Luketin Alfirević, Split

Asim Mujkić, Sarajevo

Asim Pandžić, Tuzla

Azra Abadžić, , Zagreb

Azra Verlašević, Tuzla

Barbara Kalebić Maglica, Rijeka

Barbara Kovačević, Zagreb

Beatrica Šurbek, Zagreb

Belkisa Dolić, Bihać

Belma Buljubašić, Sarajevo

Bernard Harbaš, Zenica

Bernes Aljukić, Tuzla

Biljana Mirković, Banja Luka

Biljana Oklopčić, Osijek

Biljana Ratković Njegovan, Novi Sad

Blanka Jergović, Zagreb

Bojan Blagojević, Niš

Bojan Janičić, Novi Sad

Bojana Dinić, Novi Sad

Boris Krešić, Tuzla

Borislav Dadić, Zadar

Borjana Miković, Sarajevo

Borjana Prošev Oliver, Zagreb

Borka Vuletić, Osijek

Boško Pešić, Osijek

Božo Skoko, Zagreb

Branka Barčot, Zagreb

Branko Bognar, Osijek

Christian Gostečnik, Ljubljana

Dalibor Davidović, Zagreb

Damir Jugo, Zagreb

Damir Kukić, Zenica

Damir Ovčina, Sarajevo

Danica Fink Hafner, Ljubljana

Danijel Labaš, Zagreb

Danijela Šćepanović, Beograd

Daša Poredoš, Sisak

Davor Galinec, Zagreb

Davor Vuković, Osijek

Davorka Topić Stipić, Mostar

Dean Iliev, Bitolj

Dejan Kružić, Split

Dijana Hadžizukić, Mostar

Dijana Tiplić, Oslo

Dina Nadarević, Sarajevo

Dina Vozab, Zagreb

Dinka Kovačević, Varaždin-Koprivnica

Domagoj Vidović, Zagreb

Dragan Babić, Mostar

Dragana Jovanović, Beograd

Dragana Novaković, Beograd

Dragana Šćepović, Banja Luka

Dragana Vilić, Banja Luka

Dragoljub Krneta, Istočno Sarajevo

Dragoljub Perić, Novi sad

Dragoslav Kočović, Beograd

Dražen Begić, Zagreb

Draženka Ostojić, Zagreb

Dubravka Đurić, Beograd

Dubravka Miljković, Zagreb

Dunja Degmečić, Osijek

Dušan Ignjatović, Nikšić

Dušan Mojić, Beograd

Dušan Pavlović, Beograd

Duška Šklebar, Bjelovar

Džemal Špago, Mostar

Džemaludin Latić, Sarajevo

Dženan Skelić, Zenica

Dženeta Omerdić, Tuzla

Dževad Hodžić, Sarajevo

Dževad Jahić, Sarajevo

Dževad Termiz, Sarajevo

Đokica Jovanović, Beograd

Edim Šator, Mostar

Edin Pobrić, Sarajevo

Edina Murtić, Sarajevo

Edina Solak, Zenica

Edina Vejo, Zenica

Edna Klimantić, Tuzla

Elvira Islamović, Bihać

Elvis Vardo, Tuzla

Emina Kečo Isaković, Sarajevo

Emir Džambegović, Travnik

Emira Vajzović, Sarajevo

Enes Osmančević, Tuzla

Enisa Gološ, Mostar

Enisa Pliska, Flensburg

Ermina Ramadanović, Zagreb

Erna Lučić, Tuzla

Erna Murić, Tuzla

Esad Duraković, Sarajevo

Estela Banov, Rijeka

Fahira Fejzić Čengić, Sarajevo

Faruk Kozić, Zenica

Faruk Taslidža, Mostar

Fikret Bećirović, Sarajevo

Fulvio Šuran, Pula

Gloria Vickov, Split

Goran Ćeranić, Nikšić

Goran Dajović, Beograd

Goran Livazović, Osijek

Goran Milić, Osijek

Gordana Bandalović, Split

Gordana Keresteš, Zagreb

Halid Bulić, Sarajevo

Halima Sofradžija, Sarajevo

Haris Cerić, Sarajevo

Hariz Šarić, Tuzla

Hazim Selimović, Travnik

Husnija Kamberović, Sarajevo

Ibnel Ramić, Zenica

Ibrahim Kajan, Mostar

Igor Cvečić, Rijeka

Igor Radeka, Zadar

Ilijana Čutura, Kragujevac

Ina Reić Ercegovac, Split

Indira Šabić, Tuzla

Ines Blažević, Split

Inja Erceg, Zagreb

Iren Gabrić Molnar, Subotica

Irena Cajner Mraović, Zagreb

Irena Sever Globan, Zagreb

Iris Memić-Fišić, Mostar

Ivan Balabanić, Zagreb

Ivan Kordić, Zagreb

Ivan Šijaković, Banja Luka

Ivan Štengl, Zagreb

Ivana Bilić, Split

Ivana Bočina, Split

Ivana Dobrotić, Zagreb

Ivana Jozić, Osijek

Ivana Macuka, Zadar

Ivana Trbojević Milošević, Beograd

Ivana Visković, Split

Ivana Vlahek, Zagreb

Ivanka Živčić-Bećirević, Rijeka

Ivona Milačić Vidojević, Beograd

Ivona Šetka Čilić, Mostar

Izabela Dankić, Mostar

Izet Pehlić, Zenica

Jadranka Brkić Vejmelka, Zadar

Jagoda Petrović, Banja Luka

Jakov Sabljić, Osijek

Jana Mali, Ljubljana

Jasmin Ahić, Sarajevo

Jasmin Branković, Sarajevo

Jasmin Hodžić, Mostar

Jasmina Vrkić Dimić, Zadar

Jasminka Zloković, Rijeka

Jelena Ilić Plauc, Tuzla

Jelena Kleut, Novi Sad

Jelena Lončar, Zagreb

Jelena Maksimović, Niš

Jelena Petković, Niš

Jelena Tanasijević, Beograd

Josip Babin, Split

Josip Bošnjaković, Osijek

Josip Kregar, Zagreb

Josip Lisac, Zadar

Josip Mihaljević, Zagreb

Josip Obradović, Zagreb

Judit Zagorac Csuka, Maribor

Julia Perić, Osijek

Jurij Toplak, Maribor

Jusuf Žiga, Sarajevo

Kamiah Arnaut Karović, Zenica

Katarina Kompan Erzar,  Ljubljana

Katarina Lozić Knezović, Zagreb

Katarina Šmakić, Beograd

Kerima Filan, Sarajevo

Kornelija Mrnjaus, Rijeka

Kristina Peternai Andrić, Osijek

Kristina Sesar, Mostar

Kristina Urbanc, Zagreb

Krunoslav Lučić, Zagreb

Ksenija Butorac, Zagreb

Ksenija Aykut, Beograd

Ksenija Romstein, Osijek

Lana Paćuka, Sarajevo

Lejla Muratović, Tuzla

Lejla Nakaš, Sarajevo

Lejla Turčilo, Sarajevo

Lejla Žujo-Marić, Mostar

Lela Milošević Radulović, Niš

Lelia Kiš-Glavaš, Zagreb

Lidija Radulović, Beograd

Lidija Štrmelj, Zadar

Lucija Vejmelka, Zagreb

Ljiljana Marks, Zagreb

Ljiljana Muslić, Zagreb

Ljiljana Pešikan Ljuštanović, Novi Sad

Ljiljana Šarić, Oslo

Ljubica Bakić Tomić, Varaždin

Ljubica Milosavljević, Beograd

Ljubinka Kovačević, Beograd

Ljubinko Mitrović, Sarajevo

Ljudmil Spasov, Zagreb

Maida Koso Drljević, Sarajevo

Maja Brust Nemet, Osijek

Maja Ćutić Gorup, Rijeka

Maja Gerovska Mitev, Skoplje

Maja Hrvanović, Tuzla

Maja Miličević Petrović, Beograd

Marija Boban, Split

Marija Buterin Mičić, Zadar

Marija Kušan Jukić, Zagreb

Marija Lebedina Manzoni, Zagreb

Marija Malnar Jurišić, Zagreb

Marija Turk, Rijeka

Marijana Kletečki, Zagreb

Marijana Nikolić, Tuzla

Marijana Sivrić, Mostar

Marina Ajduković, Zagreb

Marina Diković, Pula

Marina Đukić, Osijek

Marina Krpan Smiljanec, Zagreb

Marina Merkaš, Zagreb

Marina Mučalo, Zagreb

Marina Nekić, Zadar

Marinko Lazzarich, Rijeka

Marinko Lolić, Beograd

Marjan Marino Ninčević, Zagreb

Mario Vinković, Osijek

Marko Dragić, Split

Marko Milosavljevič, Ljubljana

Marko Palekčić, Zagreb

Marko Paliaga, Pula

Marlena Plavšić, Pula

Maša Marochini Zrinski, Rijeka

Matija Mato Škrebić, Zagreb

Meldijana Arnaut Haseljić, Sarajevo

Melida Travančić, Tešanj

Meliha Bijedić, Tuzla

Meliha Hrustić, Tuzla

Melina Nikolić, Beograd

Melita Aleksa Varga, Osijek

Mensur Kustura, Travnika

Merima Čaušević, Sarajevo

Merima Osmankadić, Sarajevo

Mevlida Đuvić, Tuzla

Mihaela Mikić, Zagreb

Mihajlo Manić, Beograd

Milan Miljević, Istočno Sarajevo

Mile Ilić, Banja Luka

Milena Dragičević Šešić

Milena Kaličanin, Niš

Milica Gligorović, Beograd

Milica Lukić, Osijek

Milica Pejović Milovančević, Beograd

Milko Poštrak, Ljubljana

Miloslav Poštrak, Ljubljana

Milovan Stamatović, Kragujevac

Miodrag Stokić, Beograd

Miomir Maroš, Podgorica

Miomirka Lučić, Nikšić

Mira Ćuk, Banja Luka

Mira Klarin, Zadar

Mira Lakičević, Beograd

Miranda Novak, Zagreb

Mirela Berbić Imširović, Tuzla

Mirela Mrđa, Novi Sad

Mirjana Franceško, Novi Sad

Mirjana Mađarević, Zenica

Mirjana Radetić Paić, Pula

Mirjana Stakić, Užice

Mirko Bilandžić, Zagreb

Miroljub Radojković, Beograd

Miroslav Gavrić, Brčko

Mirsad Kunić, Tuzla

Mirsad Turanović, Sarajevo

Mirza Emirhafizović, Sarajevo

Mirza Mahmutović, Tuzla

Mirza Mehmedović, Tuzla

Mirzeta Hadžić Suljkić, Tuzla

Mislava Bertoša, Zagreb

Mladenka Tkalčić, Rijeka

Muhamed Nametak, Sarajevo

Muhamed Omerović, Tuzla

Muharem Adilović, Zenica

Muhidin Džanko, Sarajevo

Muris Bajramović, Zenica

Naida Mujkić Osmanbegović, Zenica

Nail Kurtić, Tuzla

Nano Ružin, Skoplje

Natalija Perišić, Beograd

Nataša Buha, Beograd

Nataša Lucić, Osijek

Nataša Šimić, Zadar

Nataša Vulović, Beograd

Nebojša Pavlović, Kragujevac

Neda Donat Krivokapić, Nikšić

Neda Zgrabljić Rotar, Zagreb

Nedim Čirić, Bihać

Nehrudin Rebihić, Sarajevo

Nejla Kalajdžisalihović, Sarajevo

Nenad Hlača, Rijeka

Nenad Rančić, Zagreb

Nenad Tomović, Beograd

Nermina Mujagić, Sarajevo

Neven Hrvatić, Zagreb

Neven Ricijaš, Zagreb

Nihad Agić, Sarajevo

Nijaz Karić, Tuzla

Nikica Barić, Zagreb

Nikša Nikodinović, Beograd

Nina Alihodžić, Sarajevo

Nino Žganec, Zagreb

Ninoslav Mimica, Zagreb

Nusret Isanović, Sarajevo

Nusreta Kepeš, Zenica

Oliver Bačanović, Skoplje

Olivera Gajić, Novi Sad

Omer Hamzić, Travnik

Orhan Jašić, Tuzla

Pavle Pavlović, Beograd

Petra Perišić, Rijeka

Predrag Zarevski, Zagreb

Radmila Janičić, Beograd

Ranka Jeknić, Split

Ranka Perić Romić, Banja Luka

Rasim Muratović, Sarajevo

Refik Ćatić, Zenica

Remzija Hadžiefendić Parić, Zagreb

Renata Hodžić, Tuzla

Renata Jukić, Osijek

Renata Marinković, Zagreb

Renato Matić, Zagreb

Robert Mikac, Zagreb

Sabira Gadžo Šašić, Sarajevo

Salih Fočo, Sarajevo

Sandra Bjelan Guska, Sarajevo

Sandra Cvikić, Zagreb

Sandra Radenović, Beograd

Sanela Bašić, Sarajevo

Sanela Slavković, Novi Sad

Sanja Berberović, Tuzla

Sanja Golijanin Elez, Sombor

Sanja Ninković, Novi Sad

Sanja Šoštarić, Sarajevo

Sanja Španja, Osijek

Sanja Tatalović Vorkapić, Rijeka

Saša Puzić, Zagreb

Sead Alić, Varaždin- Koprivnica

Sedad Bešlija, Sarajevo

Selma Đuliman, Sarajevo

Selma Kešetović, Tuzla

Selma Porobić, Tuzla

Sena Družić, Bihać

Silvia Rusac, Zagreb

Siniša Kušić, Rijeka

Siniša Opić, Zagreb

Siniša Zrinščak, Zagreb

Slavica Blažeka Kokorić, Zagreb

Slavica Kozina, Split

Slavica Šimić Šašić, Zadar

Snežana Milenković,  Novi Sad

Snežana Milosavljević Milić, Niš

Snježana Dubovicki, Osijek

Sofija Vrcelj, Rijeka

Sonja Pejić, Novi Sad

Spahija Kozlić, Zenica

Spomenka Budić, Novi Sad

Srečo Dragoš, Ljubljana

Suada Buljubašić, Sarajevo

Suada Selimović, Tuzla

Sunčica Dimitrijoska, Skopje

Suzana Mihajlović Babić, Beograd

Suzana Peran Vrhovski, Zagreb

Svetlana Španović, Novi Sad

Svjetlana Salkičević, Zagreb

Šeherzada Džafić, Bihać

Šejn Husejnefendić, Tuzla

Tamara Džamonja Ignjatović

Tamara Efendić Spahić, Tuzla

Tamara Jovanović, Novi Sad

Tanja Kuštović, Zagreb

Tatjana Duronjić, Banja Luka

Tatjana Ljubin Golub, Zagreb

Tatjana Milivojević, Beograd

Tatjana Vulić, Niš

Tena Velki, Osijek

Tihana Jendričko, Zagreb

Tonći Kokić, Split

Trajče Stojanov, Štip

Vanesa Benković, Zagreb

Vanja Branica, Zagreb

Vedad Gurda, Tuzla

Vedad Smailagić, Sarajevo

Vedada Baraković, Tuzla

Vedrana Spajić Vrkaš, Zagreb

Velimir Rakočević, Podgorica

Vera Katz, Sarajevo

Vera Spasenović, Beograd

Veselin Bunčić, Brčko

Veselin Kljajić, Beograd

Veselinka Labroska, Skoplje

Vesna Anđelković, Niš

Vesna Čopič, Ljubljana

Vesna Grahovac Pražić, Zadar

Vesnica Mlinarević, Osijek

Vildana Pečenković, Bihać

Violeta Zubanov, Novi Sad

Višnja Josipović Smojver, Zagreb

Višnja Pavičić Takač, Osijek

Vjekoslava Jurdana, Pula

Vladeta Milin, Beograd

Vladimir Gvozden, Novi Sad

Vladimir Vojinović, Cetinje

Vladimira Velički, Zagreb

Vlasta Zabukovec, Ljubljana

Vučina Zorić, Nikšić

Zarfa Kuduzović, Tuzla

Zdenko Babić, Zagreb

Zdravka Leutar, Zagreb

Zlatan Begić, Tuzla

Zlatan Delić, Tuzla

Zlatko Miliša, Osijek

Zora Raboteg Šarić, Zagreb

Zoran Ponjavić, Kragujevac 

Zvjezdan Penezić, Zadar

Žana Vručinić, Banja Luka

Željko Nikač, Beograd

Željko Pavić, Osijek

Željko Rački, Osijek

Živorad Marković, Kragujevac