Developing Capabilities for Solving Real Problems by Using Principles of Problem-Based Teaching

Filduza Prušević Sadović


Problem-based learning is an innovative model of learning in which student plays an active role in the process of finding knowledge through solving the problems he encounters. The goal of innovative teaching models where students have an active role in the learning process is the education of an active citizen, ready to respond to the needs and demands of the modern era. Problem-based learning as an innovative model learning influences the development of students’ ability to perceive the problem, offer possible solutions and choose the solution that suits the situation in the given situation. This principle of work and learning is found in modern work and everyday life. The ability to solve real problems is one of the imperatives of modern times. This ability requires a range of skills that are not sufficiently represented in traditional learning activities, such as the ability to generalize, creative thinking and solve problems in a real environment. In this paper, our intention was to show the connection, the way in which the experience, knowledge and skills of students gained through the realization of Problem-based learning can be applied to a large extent in everyday life and work in solving real problems.


problem-based learning; problem solving; student; real-life environment

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