New Life of Epistolary Novel: Dagmar Zlatko Topčić Aesthetic Dialect of E-mail Correspondence and Cyber Poetry

Vedad Spahic


Traditional stamped opportunities of epistolary expression in Dagmar Zlatko Topčić novel are effectively into conformity with expression standards of modern electronic communication.The largest part of novel contains e-mail correspondence of ambitious and career unrealized Bosnian writer Oskar Feraget and Dagmar, widow of Czech writer and President Havel.By this correspondence he tries to get her to intermediary services around the publication of his works in the Czech Republic.The conversation went as far as to cross the confession are disclosed with tragedy marked destinies of both correspondents.Novel affirms Topčić as rare among our contemporary authors who boasts literary credible application of some elements of the cyber poetry opposite popular hypertextual narcissisticludistic practice of so-called collaborative literature.In addition, the writer once again confirms that rigid and flexible materials, ranging from forgotten epistolary form over consumed or uncooled issue of the immediate past and the modern reality of the weird pro-trivial plot, knows how to masterful literary revive.


epistolary novel; e-mail correspondence; cyber poetry; cross-cultural collisions; imagological stereotypes, war trauma and their consequences; confessional discourses;

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