Contradictions of Scientific Multidimensionality - a Social Epistemology Insight

Vedad Muharemović, Tomislav Tadić


The paper problematizes the issue of contradictions of scientific multidimensionality and is devised as a contribution to the topic from the perspective of social epistemology. The paper points to the fact that scientific multidimensionality and interdisciplinarity are some of the unquestionable categories in the defining of contemporary notions of knowledge and science, and that, as such, they inherently possess negative aspects, which must be taken into consideration when reflected on within the current world history. The paper in particular foregrounds the problem of the status of humanities and social sciences which are marked as redundant and practically useless, due to the objective global and political circumstances and the rearguard capitalist logic. Moreover, the paper also discusses the conceptual history and a sort of knowledge stock of the fundamental roots of the modern notion of scientific knowledge, about which we can take more clear positions to contemporary discussions on the topic.


the notion of knowledge and science; social epistemology; modern and postmodern knowledge

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